We make businesses successful. We are a boutique agency based in Hong Kong with global B2B and B2C PR and marketing skills. Contact us if  you want to expand across Asia or globally. We will make you CREDible and put you on the map and to stand out from your competitors.

Once we understand your needs, targets and budget, we will deliver a number of strategic activities that get real results. These include:

   * Communications audit
   * SWOT analysis
   * Communications strategy and planning
   * Media relations
   * PR Campaigns
   * Online PR/Social marketing
   * E-communications
   * Crisis management
   * Marketing Communications
   * Copy-writing
   * Media training
   * Events management
   * Internal communications

If your PR and marketing strategy results in you needing a new website, twitter page, e-newsletter, packaging, advert etc then we bring in specialists from Creative Underground and Inoh Design. These top companies work with us on all aspects of design, branding, advertising and digital marketing.