Enterprises, Small and Medium sized Businesses and Start-ups have acommon need to provide a Unique Proposition to their End Users – in terms of Design, Usability and Functionality of their services, solutions and products. The biggest challenge in Business IT Outsourcing is to ensure that your Technology Partner delivers this need in alignment with Your Vision.

Credencys was founded with a simple purpose – “Delivering Wow!”to the End User. The most effective factor that aligns our workflow with your interestsis the Drive to Add Value to the End Customer. Every resource, process, milestone and matrix at Credencys is designed to add tangible value to End User Experience.

Credencys offers the unique benefit of being an early adapter of Augmented Reality and Wearable Technologies. In addition, our thorough experience on Mobile and Web technologies make us truly “End-to-End” technology providers. Our hybrid cross-platform solutions fulfill the needs of clients and consumers by engaging the end users through mediums ranging from Mobile, Tablets, Consoles, Interactive Displays as well as Wearable devices with robust backend support of Web and Cloud Technologies.

This model makes us the Vendor of Choice for leading enterprises, small and medium sized businesses as well as start-ups from all domains.
We believe in a Result Driven Infrastructure for the Client and strive for WOW Delivery for the End Customer, which distinguishes our culture, approach and work.