For over 30 years, Deny Long has created marketing products for the sub prime and buy here pay here industries. Simply put, Denny invented the sub prime mail marketing products that have been copied for years and years. You could find a link to Denny Long at every sub prime marketing company in the United States. What sets him apart is his ability to use data to raise the response rates to record levels, giving the dealer the best return on investment in the industry.

It is called “Denny Longs Secret Sauce”.

Along with his group of experts, all with 30+ year’s experience, he has developed cutting edge products that are unmatched in their ability to obtain the highest rates in the industry.

All the experts come from the retail dealer, finance company and marketing industry.

They have all worked the 60 hour week, the 6 hour sale, rehashed the sub prime customers, pounded the lot at 100 degrees and shoveled the lot when it snowed.

They listen before they talk .They teach before they sell. They are there for the dealer.

This is the character of the Credit Mail Expert.

Denny Long's, Credit Mail Experts, has 3 core products:

These customers were at another dealer yesterday, steal them now.

The Trigger Mail Campaign the reaches levels of over 10% response in most markets. Triggering a customer simply means that you are able to get customers that are already going to your competitors. It’s like having a spy at the sales desk, taking down names and numbers.

There truly is no better customer than the one that was at your competitors dealers yesterday..

Fresh means no minimums orders; try that with other marketing companies.

The Bankruptcy Programs has helped dealers reach average gross profits of over $ 3000 per unit sold and only goes after fresh filed and fresh discharged bankruptcies.

Makes other direct mail companies look like the pony express

The Credit Mail Programs sets itself apart from normal bulk mail by only going after customers that fit finance company programs. This type of data driven marketing stops the mass mail routine that dealers hate. No more shotgun mentality. Simply put, if you mail to the right person the first time you will get the right customer coming into your dealership.

Here is what sets Credit Mail Experts apart from others.

Credit Mail Experts sells only products they have created, they are not 3rd party brokers of some other company's products. They know the product because they have invented the product.

Credit Mail Experts does not buy any list from list brokers. All the data is live when they request it from the three major credit agencies. They are licensed by Trans Union, Equifax and Experian to be able to get that data and they conform to all FCRA laws.

All programs from Credit Mail Experts are complete programs. The dealer never has to buy a list, make a label, print a letter, stuff an envelope or lick a stamp.

Although there are no contracts to sign ,they maintain over a 92% renewal rate month over month. Their products never fail.