Founded in 2006 by Nimon Bondurant  Credit Score 366, the Rapid Credit Builder™ is not a credit repair or credit counseling service. It is a totally new and unique product that actually raises credit scores rapidly.

A credit score is the most important number of anyone’s financial life.  A difference of just 70 points in a credit score can translate into thousands of dollars in savings each year. Consumers with bad credit have very few proven remedies to improve their credit scores.  Credit Repair Companies can not have valid credit impairment removed. If an invalid report has been made, anyone can write a letter to contest it, and essentially have it removed without being required to extinguishing the debt..

Mission Statement

Our Goal is to raise the level of disposable income of debt ridden and credit challenged individuals, by offering them a way out of their current financial situation.  Credit Score 366 Corporation plans to distribute throughout the city of Atlanta, our Rapid Credit Builder program opened for business on October 17, 2007, this revolutionary tool of empowerment will allow our clients to have more options, and  to experience a better quality of life by keeping more of their disposable income.


Our credit building service is a  new approach to improving a persons’ financial situation. If a person has experienced a bad credit rating, the way to improve it; is to establish new credit lines and a strong payment history. This is hard to accomplish if creditors are not willing to extend credit.  Credit Score 366 has developed a program  to overcome this obstacle. Participants in our Build Rapid Credit program™ are guaranteed secured installment loans using a Certificate of Deposit (CD) as collateral. These CDs, sometimes paid for  by CS366, are opened by the client who then makes monthly deposits into their own account. The Bank reports the payments as installment loan payments and the clients credit score raises rapidly.