CreditSnap. Lending Experience ReImagined.

Modern lending experience + Pre-Qualification capability + Responsive application + High performance funnel = 30% More Loans consistently

PreQualificaiton Filters allow lenders to filter the bad applications at the inexpensive PreQualification step and avoid the more expensive hard inquiry based underwriting and application processing costs. CreditSnap customers save 40% in Originations processing costs.

A "No Code" credit rule engine makes credit rule management a breeze. For the first time, no more code deploys and no more delays to make credit policy updates.

CreditSnap's back office application comes with powerful features for your underwriters and loan processors - including credit review, DTI, valuations, vehicle book outs, coborrower credit  profile, LTV, Offer terms and options, manual overrides.

Backoffice application also makes CreditSnap an Omni-Channel product. While digital applicaiton serves the self service web and mobile consumers, back office application allows Customer Support team (phone channel) and Branch team (in-branch channel) accept applications using Pre-Qualification.

CreditSnap's full LOS also comes with automated Identity and Income verification, and optional fully electronic funding and downpayment processing.