A Quick and Easy Path to PCI Compliance

CRE Secure with HTML Clone™ technology keeps sensitive cardholder data from entering online merchants’ systems, dramatically reducing the cost and effort for Ecommerce merchants and web applications to become fully compliant and secure.

CRE Secure Intelligent Redirect Solutions for online businesses that ensures cardholder data never enters the web server hosting the merchant’s ecommerce store or legacy software application. How does it work?

Sensitive cardholder information is automatically re-directed to an encrypted payment method delivered directly from the CRE Secure Level 1 PCI DSS certified data center to the merchant customer’s browser. This secure method then routes cardholder data to the merchant’s bank for authorization and settlement. Using our HTML Clone™ patent pending technology, we deliver a universal, secure method to accept payments but still maintain existing banking and gateway relationships. CRE Secure’s PCI Security-as-a-Service platform dramatically reduces the cost and complexities of achieving PCI compliance for any site on the web.

>>     Prevents sensitive cardholder data from entering merchants’ online payment applications
>>    Dynamically retain a merchant site’s ‘look and feel’ in every transaction and returns control of the end user shopping experience to the shopping cart merchant or web application developer
>>     Eliminates fees, fines and legal costs associated with a data breach
>>    Easy to connect to CRE Secure using shopping cart modules or API requiring less programming effort.
>>    A low monthly fee for PCI Compliance and reduced business risk is a tremendous value.
>>     May qualify merchants for Self Assessment Questionnaire A (SAQ-A), reducing the number of compliance requirements from 205 to 14.

“CRE Secure is the only payment system that automatically protects both cardholder privacy and the ecommerce merchant from potential attacks by combining a 100% outsourced payment solution with a patent pending process that mirrors any retailer's website design and uniquely serves up a PCI compliant hosted payment page to the end user,” says Greg McGraw, CEO and President of CRE Secure Payments. “When a ecommerce online store is powered by CRE Secure's HTML Clone™ technology, shoppers never know they left the site when they're ready to pay, even though their payment transactions are hosted in one of the most secure PCI-compliant data centers in the country.”

CRE Secure takes the worry out of the daunting PCI-compliance process. The service--which is available for a free 30 day trial and thereafter for a nominal fee per month--integrates with retailers' existing online shopping cart programs or custom developed ecommerce applications and connects those programs to popular payment gateways like Authorize.net, PayPal Payflow Pro, PayPal Website Payments Pro and Chase Orbital. CRE Secure continues to roll out new secure connections to all major payment gateways and online shopping carts to meet the increased demand for payment acceptance security.