Founded in 1979 with six associates, Crews & Associates, Inc., headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, has grown to an organization of more than 200 professionals, with locations in Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, and West Virginia.

We're proud of our superior record of customer service. We continue to strive to better serve our customers on a day-to-day basis. Our growth and perseverance has earned us the allegiance of our customers and the respect of our peers.

If you're new to the benefits that Crews & Associates, Inc. offers, we intend to earn your business and loyalty, too. From fixed income products to public finance underwriting services, Crews & Associates, Inc. has the experience, market savvy, and professionalism to be your one and only choice for market execution and investment banking needs.

With rapidly expanding daily volumes, Crews & Associates specializes in quality fixed-income products.  We also actively trade and provide expertise in:

Municipal Securities
Mortgage-Backed Securities
Corporate Bonds
Certificates of Depoist
U.S. Treasury & Federal Agency Issues
Private Placements
Preffered Stocks
Lease Finance

We serve institutional customers as well as individuals.  Our clients include investment advisors, trust departments, bank and thrift portfolio managers, insurance companies, pension funds, and foundations.  Our Capital Markets Group is qualified and experienced, and will structure municipal note, bond, and lease transactions, and will provide underwriting and financial advisory services to public, private, and nonprofit debt issuers.

To date, Crews & Associates has underwritten in excess of $28 billion in bond and lease transactions throughout the United States.  We provide taxable and tax-exempt bond and lease products and services related to the following:

Housing and Real Estate
Public-Private Partnerships
Commercial and Industrial Development
Local Government
Performance Contracts