Crimson Lab Corporation
Crimson Lab was founded in 2006 as an innovative marketing and design firm. In the process of providing premiere services to our clients, we began to recognize the existing need for new and intuitive marketing strategies, specifically focused towards this new medium. Experience taught us that while creating visually dynamic websites served to showcase our HTML-coding skills, our clients truly benefited from a comprehensive, marketing oriented approach that viewed the Internet as an increasing source of exposure and leads for their business.
While the world of online marketing may still be relatively new, the fundamentals of sound business practice remain as basic as ever. The challenge lies in adapting tried and true methods to the fluid and ever-changing world of cyberspace. We recognize the need for innovative solutions that utilize emerging resources to address core business concerns. Out of this a new Crimson Lab was born.
Mission Statement
We provide solutions for your company's marketing and promotional needs through our extremely reliable turnaround and excellent customer service. Crimson Lab is the result of several designers, marketing specialists, and technical associates coming together to revolutionize the market. New age concepts are implemented in a sophisticated and impressive form to finally stimulate your target market.
Our unique approach to corporate branding, dynamic marketing, and web design called Crimson Logic, is based heavily on service oriented and promotional marketing along with cutting-edge web 2.0 principles. By loosely coupling the various components of our custom-in house lead generation solutions, deliverables always perform above expectations and dramatically increase client revenue streams.
Company Information
Crimson Lab Corporation 25 South Main Street SUITE 11 Edison, NJ 08837
T 646.360.0522 F 732.417.1963