CristalSegol offering variety of products and workshops in the area of holistic treatments , mandalas and energy charged pictures .
Our website is specially designed to be user friendly for broad audience of people interested in holistic products and treatments. It also can be the website of great interested for professionals in the field of holistic therapy and alternative medicine.
CristalSegol CEO Irena Vainter Sela says that "We have great power inside of us but we are not always aware of it and we don't know how to use those powers. We are able to bring happiness, health and prosperity to us and our families. The products and workshop that are offered can be used as the keys that open the path to our progress, that enable us to create our reality and change for better our life."
The website allows visitors to find and download information easily. We are offering gallery that presents mandalas for health, prosperity, love, children, couples, etc .   The special gallery is presenting mandalas for all zodiac signs using kabalistic astrology. Dynamic mandalas for meditation, coloring mandalas for children and adults can be downloaded for free. Workshops and information about Mandalas, Reiki, Sacred Geometry, Chakras and frequencies of sound, color, geometry can also be found at the website.  
More information can be found online at http://www.cristalsegol.co.il