Criteria Systems offers the latest in rapid prototyping, 3D scanning and design services. Our cost-effective solutions for rapid prototyping get parts into your hands quickly for evaluations and approvals. We also specialize in foam prototyping for your large format prototyping needs.

What is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid Prototyping (RP) is a common name given to a variety of technologies that are used to create three dimensional prototypes directly from CAD files or digitally scanned data. In general the technologies create models of material in thin layers. These additive technologies offer advantages in many applications compared to subtractive fabrication methods such as milling or turning. With Criteria Systems, you also can also incorporate color and graphics into your rapid prototype models.

Our Mission

At Criteria Systems we provide the best customer service and deliver the best quality design services and rapid prototype solutions at a competitive price. We offer cutting-edge technology to our customers, but above everything else we listen and respond to our customer needs. We continually work to improve and develop the company to provide the maximum benefit to our customers.

Customer Focused

Listening and responding to customers is what makes Criteria Systems the choice of so many. We direct the growth of the company based on the direction our customers provide.

Online Quote System Using data from your 3D CAD files you can obtain a fast online quote at Criteria Systems. This service makes it quick and easy to order your prototypes.