CrossComm has helped Fortune 500 as well as non-profit clients leverage the evolving technology landscape for
over 15 years. CrossComm was one of a handful of companies to launch one of 500 iPhone apps on Day 1 of the
iTunes App Store; we were also early adopters of the Android operating system. While continually researching
technology trends such as cloud computing and Google Glass, our focus is not on the newest stuff but the best,
most appropriate tools for our clients’ requirements and budget." "
On a technical level, we have experience architecting and building entire ecosystems consisting of web, mobile,
and server apps, connected by a unified API. We value helping our clients think through future technology
integrations through long-term maintenance plan relationships." "
In the past, we’ve done work for companies like Martha Stewart, Forbes, NBCUniversal, and InterActive Corp, but
beyond brand names we get excited about partnering with the following:" "
1) organizations that make the world a better place;"
2) projects that welcome cutting-edge innovation;"
3) clients who value proactive consulting"