Proudly based at the Crossroads of Asia in Singapore, Crossroads Brewing Co. is craft beer for Singapore. We focus on accessible, easy-drinking craft brews that appeal to a wide audience; in other words, to both casual, everyday beer drinkers as well as to dedicated beer enthusiasts.

We debuted in 2016 here in Singapore and brew our beers at both regional breweries to access additional volume and packaging options as well as our own microbrewery at Clarke Quay in Singapore.

Since debuting with a summer ale, our brewery has added a light lager, session IPA, a steam ale as well as both an apple and pear cider to our core range. We brew craft beers that we want to drink, so for us, that means hitting the crossroads between depth and drinkability. To do so, we fine-tune our recipes to produce high-quality beers that are big on flavour, low on bitterness and designed to complement Singapore’s intense heat and humidity.

We remain fierce advocates of all-natural, high-quality craft beer - we use only premium grains, hops, and yeasts sourced from Australia, the United States, the UK, and various parts of Europe — with no preservatives, no additives, nothing but all-natural ingredients. We are dedicated to brewing beer that makes our hometown proud.