Cross X Platform (CXP) sharply accelerates professional services firms’ capacity to scale and deliver the sustainable results that business leaders expect. Top-tier services firms in the CXP portfolio leverage our shared services platform – including collaborative sales and recruiting engines, efficient back-office support, leadership and capital – to increase speed and operational agility to better serve clients and expand the business. And with CXP managing most non-core business functions, our portfolio companies are in a superior position to improve delivery outcomes and time-to-market advantages across mid-to-large organizations and Fortune 500 companies.


CXP offers the opportunity to grow your top line faster and share in the success of the overall partnership.  Through an approved equity swap, each company owner enjoys minority interest in CXP and therefore, a share of each company in the portfolio. A small management fee provides you with a set of back office support functions and sales, business development and recruiting services. With CXP, you operate as an individual firm, but also as a member of a larger multi-services offering that enables penetration into larger Fortune 1000 opportunities.

Our front and back office support functions include accounting, marketing support, contracts administration, HR, access to executive leadership, along with other services and even office space, as needed. We also provide you with vertical expertise in sales, business development and recruiting for your company. The sales and recruiting engines are designed to help grow and scale your company much more quickly than you could do on your own.


CXP looks to partner with companies that have similar qualities and characteristics, but are not directly competitive with each other in the same geographical region. Companies that come into our portfolio have between $2M to $10M in revenue with positive EBITDA. They have an outstanding core competency foundation with a successful track record of client delivery supported by excellent references. Growth and scale is challenged by any of the following: management bandwidth, business development, lack of capital, and/or talent acquisition.

Our companies are professional services firms with an industry focus in: Information Technology, Enterprise Applications (SAP), Vendor Management, Software Engineering, Business Process Outsourcing, Human Capital Consulting, Executive Search, Financial/Accounting Solutions and Management Consulting.

CXP provides portfolio companies with access to the following:

   Equity / Ownership Stake in CXP
   Full Back-Office and Infrastructure Support
   Access to Experts with Industry Experience
   Access into a Network of CEO's and their Client Lists
   Collaborative Leadership & Senior Advisors
   Recruiting & Business Development Engines

We are fiercely dedicated to maintaining consistently high standards of service for our portfolio companies and clients. For us, this means working together to help you succeed, treat you professionally and with integrity, be true, and always deliver the best support and service we can.

If you want to learn more about CXP, and how we help companies like yours, just visit our site or email info@crossxplatform.com. Or, if you want to call us directly, please call (610) 539-2297.