We create high-quality, bespoke website content that makes your pages engaging for human site visitors and attractive to search engines.
Our content encourages visitors to interact with, share details of and talk about your business. This powerful form of marketing not only builds a social circle around your brand, it also grabs the attention of search engines and hugely improves rankings.

Good quality content is more important than ever. It’s what keeps people coming back to your business via your social media activities, email shots and other on & off-line marketing. But it’s also one of the heaviest influencers of Google’s opinion of your site.

Getting your content strategy right directly influences the 3 top factors in search marketing. In today’s world it’s the most important part of the search marketing puzzle.

Crowdbait are a team of marketing & communication experts. We understand how to build a strategy that ensures your site is a pleasure to visit whilst driving higher levels of traffic than traditional SEO techniques could ever dream of.

Talk to us today to find out how we can create quality content to help you leverage the power of crowds.