Let your audience connect in real-time with your message:
crowdbeamer connects in real time the audience to any speaker’s presentation.  A device, an app and a cloud platform: this plug-and-play presentation game changer improves effectiveness of all kind of meetings, training sessions and conferences. It opens a new world of universal use cases.

Giving a presentation?
Share any content with you audience using our portable device. Simply plug crowdbeamer into any device with a video output, and share any screen content to enable personalized information sharing for your audience. Using crowdbeamer’s private Wi-Fi network and built-in battery, you can literally do this anywhere.

Part of the audience?
The crowdbeamer app lets you focus on what’s relevant for you as an audience member. Using this handy app, you decide which content to capture and how to enrich it with personal annotations. Whether it’s a simple snapshot or an entire presentation fragment, you can just as easily scribble comments, add notes, mark text, attach tags, … and build your private crowdbeamer library of personalized information. From there, possibilities are endless. You can share on social platforms, sync to the cloud, save to your favorite note-taking app, …

Endless possibilities:
crowdbeamer offers a solution for project meetings, team discussions, board meetings, brainstorm sessions, customer presentations, showroom sales pitches, data analysis & diagnostics, professional conferences, seminars, teaching, company visits, guided tours and many more.