UINVEST Inc is a registered Private Company both in the Ukraine and in USA, they have developed a crowd Funding(micro financing) platform and their concept has been working and paying since 2007.

Uinvest is a financial company that through an innovative concept called crowd funding became a conduit between companies and investors. Uinvest now has more than 30 employees and is headquartered in Ukraine and branch offices in the United States. Since 2007, Uinvest has managed a total of more than $200 million in financial assets, so if you can live on 5 to 20% monthly on your principal then this is it.

Uinvest offers a unique opportunity for all people around the world to invest in real businesses that are located in the Ukraine, Eastern Europe and soon worldwide. Issues surrounding investment in Ukraine such as lending rates are very high. Uinvest offers a great solution to that problem by lending at competitive rates. In addition, business owners do not want to deal with individual investors who only invest a small amount of money because it’s a hassle so this is where Uinvest bridges that gap and brings investors and companies together.

Uinvest not only handles the investment, but executes due diligence checks to ensure a  professional, and profitable venture, thus lowering the risk substantially as you invest in a solid company. This is the advantage for both investors and Uinvest, because Uinvest gets 10 percent of the dividends (profit sharing) shares you earn each month. So, you can see how this is a win win situation for the business owner, Uinvest as intermediaries and us investors.

This company has been online for six years doing business and helping people to invest from the comfort of their living rooms. Uinvest opened the door for all people around the world for over 2 years already and they keep adding more and more businesses to invest safely. Uinvest is a great company that is only looking for the best business with very minimal risk and high return on investment. This is a real business where you invest in real companies, and they send you a document signed and sealed once you invest in a particular company.