Crowdfunding is a disruptive technology that is fundamentally transforming real estate investment.

Due to the proliferation of real estate crowdfunding platforms, investors may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of registering and searching on dozens of websites. Every frustrated investor that chooses to invest elsewhere is a lost opportunity.

Using CrowdSeekr’s proprietary technology, investors can conduct customized searches of deals from multiple platforms. With an extraordinary level of precision, CrowdSeekr reveals investment opportunities that match their desired returns, geographic criteria, investment thresholds and more.

Platforms that partner with CrowdSeekr gain access to a specialized marketing channel directed exclusively to real estate crowdfunding investors.

CrowdSeekr was developed by seasoned real estate professionals to provide transparency and efficiency in the real estate crowdfunding marketplace. With numerous decades of combined experience and billions in commercial transactions, our founding team knows the formula for success.