Community Resources for Science provides practical support for great elementary science teaching in the San Francisco East Bay Area.

Our goal is simple: help teachers give students more opportunities to “do science” – to ask questions, test ideas, get their hands on real science activities.  We need to inspire the next generation of thinkers, makers, problem solvers, and leaders!

With over 870 teacher-members in 92 schools, we reach over 30,000 students.  And our BASIS (Bay Area Scientists in Schools) volunteer program is 400+ strong, leading to over 1,200 direct student-scientist interactions per year, helping to provide role models for K-5 children who may  not otherwise consider science a career option.

Our vision is a community of educators and scientists working together to excite all children about learning through the scientific exploration of the world around them. Community Resources for Science contributes to this vision by weaving connections between the needs of individual teachers and educational resources, while acting as a catalyst to improve the available resources in our community.