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WinaLite is a Hong Kong based company that started in January 2007 and just opened in the USA January 15th 2009. Because of the nature of the product, this company has already done $500 Million in business in 22 countries in just two short years! It has enrolled more than ONE MILLION DISTRIBUTORS. It's on goal to recruit 5 million more in the next three years all over the world and do BILLIONS in sales.
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WinaLite has a brand new technology unlike any other. It can't be copied, its patented! Nearly 100% of all women, who see our product demo, immediately want to switch to THIS product, and most of them will also join the business. This is the most advanced technology in "sanitary products" ever designed. It uses a high-tech, high-density, negative-ion technology, that kills odors and bacteria like nothing else can.
It has many certifications. In the US, it's registered as sanitary product but an FDA application has been filed to be classified as a medical device. The Main Product is a Unique Type of Women's Sanitary Pads (Soon To be Expanded To Baby Diapers And Negative-Ion Personal Care, Oral, Skin And Hair Products. Anion Sanitary Pad has overtaken, BY FAR , the sales of competitive brands in every country they opened.
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