Thus, one of the reasonable solutions in this case is saving of savings in other currencies, including crypto-currency. A similar situation is observed in the Russian Federation. Demand for digital currency in the country breaks all records.
There are firms that rent their capacity, and tenants pay a percentage of the cost of the server, and all the extracted crypto-currency is stored by the company in a long-term storage for further trading manipulation.
Similar conditions are offered, for example, by the English company Crypto Mining LTD. Clients can place mined crypto-currencies on exchanges in Venezuela and receive high profits.
This approach has already been adopted, and many data centers around the world offer conditions for individuals and small companies.
About the company
Crypto Mining LTD is a British company engaged in the development of crypto-currency systems. Officially registered in the UK in March 2016, however, the company has an earlier history of creation.
Since March 2016, the CEO of Richard Walker has signed an agreement to acquire a data center located in Ireland. At the moment, the capacity of the leased data center with its own accounts is more than 16 PH / s.
Having obtained the official status, Crypto Mining LTD is engaged in the production of electronic gold not only for its own needs, but also provides servers of various capacities in sublease. Customers can choose the power and speed of the leased server; calculate its profitability, the payback period of the rent, as well as the size and net profit from extraction.
Crypto Mining LTD provides services for bitcoins and plugs production using various algorithms: SHA256, X11, Dagger-Hashimoto.
Starting from March 2016, the company constantly increases its base of crypto-currency and production capacities, it is rapidly gaining momentum.