CRYSTAL CLEAN MAIDS LLC is a Professional Cleaning Service - providing residential & commercial cleaning at an affordable rate in South Central Pennsylvania.  Experience, Quality, Reliability and Trustworthiness are the key elements in our business relationships.  In 19 years of doing business, we have been able to fine tune a method that meets or exceeds customer and staff satisfaction expectations, which result in promising outcomes such as: *Satisfied Relations, *Long-term business relationships, *A cleaning format that meets the level of expectations and *A Positive work environment!  

Not so long ago, only the wealthy  could afford the luxury of a cleaning service.
Today, with so many busy families spending  so much time away from home, household  help has become almost a necessity. Contact Crystal Clean Maids (A Team ‘Maid’ For The Job!) and let these professionals show you how reasonable their cleaning services can be. This customer oriented, non smoking family owned Christian based company is fully bonded and insured for your protection. Unlike many companies they do an in-depth criminal, driving and back ground check on potential employees. They are also very proud to be a drug free work place. Crystal Clean Maids has been serving residential clients for coming up on 2 decades. Crystal Clean Maids offers complete cleaning services or your home, condo or apartment.Theseprofessionals will custom design a cleaning program to fit your specific needs at an affordable price. Their services are available on a weekly, every other week or “Customized for You” basis. They provide a total cleaning ob, from the ceiling to the floor. In addition, you’ll find the supervised personnel to be friendly and courteous. Crystal Clean Maids is also a proud sponsor of Cleaning For A Reason, which is a non-profit catering to women with cancer offering free cleanings to help during these trying time. We are pleased to bring your attention to Crystal Clean Maids and suggest you call 717-975-8820, toll free at 866-803-5188 or visit them online at www.crystalcleanmaids.com to schedule your
free cleaning cost evaluation.

CRYSTAL CLEAN MAIDS IS A VALUED BUSINESS IN THE COMMUNITY and would like to thank the community for their growth and success. They value your business and look forward to serving your needs in the future.

Phone:  Toll Free 866-803-5188
               Harrisburg:  (717) 975-8820     York:  (717) 932-2724
E-mail:  ccm@eipx.net
Fax:  717-886-803-5188
Website:  www.crystalcleanmaids.com