CSConsult was created in 2009 by a group of individuals wanting to make a difference in the SME arena of the North West of England.  Looking to implement innovative ideas and tried and tested methodologies based on prior experience in corporate America and Europe.

After many years of working abroad for both Public and Private Companies the Directors of CSConsult decide to return to the UK, setting up operations in the city of Liverpool in the North West of England.

The Directors decide to launch CSConsult and combine the many years of experience within the Administration and Operational Areas of Multinational Corpoartions, to provide Expert Advice in support ing the launch and growth of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

Caroline Smith is the Director responsible to design and deliver the services of CSconsult in the Operational Areas including Change Management, whilst Antonio Macedo is in charge of the Administrative Services and Quality Assurance Projects of CSConsult, and both combine expertise to Develop and Deliver in the Areas of Career Development, at all levels of the Human Resources in Small and Medium Sized Enterprizes.

Both Directors are extremely motivated in being able to bring to the Merseyside Business Community a wealth of International Experience, that blended with the existing expertise, will allow its Customers to face with coimpetitive advantage, the challenges of growing their Businesses ,inspite of the present Economical Cliimate.

We believe that our past experience and hands on approach are two of our most important qualities.  Our teams have been involved in the deployment of solutions on three main fronts: Administration, Operations and Project Management.

When outsourcing your Administration Department to CSConsult, our qualified professionals will manage the general administration of your business, allowing you to focus on the important issues that only you fully understand.

Our assurance is that the daily issues will be taken care of by our team.

Using the tools we have at your disposal you can effectively:
   * Allow your Managers to post expenses with our easy to use intranet forms.
   * Approve expenses and report on categories.
   * View and forecast cash flow requirements.
   * Control your budget for expenses.
   * Manage your petty cash - advise of cash requirements.
   * See exactly how much your direct costs are.
   * Practical assistance for the companies financial decisions.
   * View essential decision making information in a timely manner.

We will help optimize cashflow management and ensure immediate visibility of recievables and payables. We will ensure that all systems are up to date and show relevent information.

We strive in Operational Optimization, including:
   * Process definition, deployment and training.
   * Creation of triggers to help ensure adherence by teams.
   * Implementation of relevant KPIs and team involvement.
   * Deployment of the "right" applications.

Our Business Process Reengineering Cycle includes:
   * Review of current processes.
   * Redesign based on specific requirements.
   * Measurement of expected outcome.

And speaking about your Corporate Communications, we can:
   * Create and Implement an internal communications Plan
   * Deploy Human Resources Administration Applications.
   * Implement a Corporate Intranet based on Microsoft Sharepoint.
   * Implement Microsoft Project Manager Enterprise Edition.

Large or small, our Project Management Team will be able to offer assistance in delivery.  We have first-hand experience of delivery on time and within the respective budget constraints.  Call us today to discuss your specific requirements.

We don’t just tell you what you need. We review your situation with you, we dine, implement and ensure the solution keeps you up to date on how things are running.

You may already have the required system but have yet to get configured or totally deployed to your entire satisfaction.

Our past and present customers are present in many areas of business, as diverse as, Software Development, Hosting and IT Support Services; Festivals, Congress and Events Management; Music Digital Marketing and Royalties Management; Administrative and Accounting Solutions;  Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Services; Library Management Applications for Colleges and Universities; Human Resources and Management Skills Development.

For more information on how we can help your business grow, the Directors of CSConsult can be contacted through the website www.csconsult.co.uk.