About Itchy Metal Entertainment / Heavy Metal-World™ – A Note from IME’s CEO

At a Glance – Some Itchy Metal Quick-Facts:

Did you know?? -

The IME Roster commands a combined viewership of over 21 Million! That’s more than the entire population of ALL major cities on the west coast of the United States (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle) combined!!

Itchy Metal Artists captivate audiences in 5 countries, 3 continents and over 9 major cities and growing!

Almost 10,000 new viewers check out our artist pages every day, from all over the world

An Itchy Metal Artist plays somewhere on the planet almost every day of the year, even on Christmas

We manage over 18 global business partners and affiliates, across 24 unique brands
Itchy Metal operates 3 satellite offices in Los Angeles, Seattle and Las Vegas (USA)

Our content database includes over 700 user-created videos, 10K  pictures and hundreds of unique musical compositions

Heavy Metal-World™ is a new media agency HQ’ed in Los Angeles, CA comprised of industry experts and developed in early 2008 as an innovative way to market, manage, promote and distribute unique content and independent music by leveraging social media, social networking, emerging platforms and creative partners. Recently acquired by HMW, Itchy Metal Entertainment is a Las Vegas, NV based music production company specializing in artist development, talent scouting, music recording, producing and distribution.

As a direct result of the combination of forces, IME Records launched in November 2010 taking a new approach and fresh perspective on the industry. Though primarily focused on heavier genres, Itchy Metal endorses the belief that music is experienced and shared through a variety of limitless channels and interpretations. Accordingly, we’re open to working with hard working artists across the world, from any genre.

Itchy Metal is devoted to re-engineering the relationship between artist and label. Through IME Records, our joint mission is to craft a common vision for success and we are dedicated to finding artists that share our passion.

Our core belief: We are nothing without our artists and we’re stronger because of our partnerships!!

And here’s another reason we’re so different:

We’re a record company that doesn’t put primary focus on selling records…

With a patent-pending business process, Itchy Metal has developed an innovative way to leverage the power of music towards profits for artists…and we NEVER charge our artists anything to be on our label!

Today, more people are consuming, sharing and experiencing music than ever before in the entire history of recorded audio. Equally as astonishing is the fact that less people are actually legally purchasing that music, and even fewer repurchasing it. Some argue that technology is to blame for both.

But given today’s music environment, should record sales really determine an artist’s worth or their future viability?

Every day, in many cities around the world – people are being captivated by live music and the artists that create it. Many of these artists you won’t hear on the radio and may never see on television. Yet, they routinely command the attention of thousands. At Itchy Metal, we believe there is extreme value in that unique ability and we’re committed to helping our artists find new and exciting ways to capitalize on it.

Today IME manages 24 brands internationally in four countries, across 600 individual profiles where we collectively broadcast over 100 daily campaigns. Our combined artists literally connect to a loyal audience of millions across some of the most consumer-driven genres on the planet, and we’re rapidly growing – expanding over 1000% in the first 3 months of operations.

IME is pioneering the independent artist and “street-famous” endorsement market in digital media. Our goal is to tap into the $50 billion spend on endorsements worldwide as well as the $35 billion spent in digital advertising and turn that spend into effective strategies that put profit back in the hands of our artists. With locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Seattle, we have raised our initial round of funding from private sources, industry supporters and angel investors.