Cty Oanh & Mads, or O&M for short, is a husband and wife team based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We provide fine art photography for interior design projects, home decor and corporate gifts.

We also produce our own original O&M Collection with unique souvenirs from Vietnam.

Vietnam is one of the few remaining countries that produce lacquerware. For centuries, they have perfected the technique. Combining the traditional craftsmanship with modern print technology and you have photographic lacquerware.

Hand plated silver foil squares, as used in traditional lacquerware, is also used on canvas prints. Creating a rich and handmade surface.

We created large, panorama prints for Vin Homes company. Single print 90cm by 230cm. Hand plated silver and traditional lacquer.

The 5 star resort on Phu Quoc island, Vinpearl, ordered our silver plated canvas prints. Largest hand plated image print, 2,4 meter by 2,4 meter.

Park Hyatt Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, ordered custom designed lacquer gift boxes for their annual Tet gifts. (Lunar New Year celebration.)