CU Appraisal Services is the FIRST and ONLY appraisal management company in the country to become a CUSO (Credit Union Service Organization). They maintain appraiser independence by managing the mortgage appraisal process and mitigating risk for credit unions, and their members, across the country. They support smart lending decisions by providing credit unions with timely, credible and reliable real estate appraisals and valuations. Steadily working to develop strategic partnerships with the most experienced and qualified appraiser professionals in the regions they serve; their compliant appraisal reports include an appraisal summary, risk scoring, red flags, and comparable sales ranking. Company management is composed of mortgage industry veterans—appraisers, bank and credit union executives, and real estate agents—experts who understand the complete picture. CU Appraisal Services is also working to strengthen the appraisal industry by supporting the competency of the appraisal profession, paying fair fees, and actively developing strategies to address the decline in appraisers, nationwide.