CubeMonk has built the world's first SmartCube shipping container, that uses an Internet of Things (IoT) device to track, monitor, route and dispatch shipments in real-time. This connects to our easy-to-use marketplace which allows our customers to quote, book, track, manage and bill their shipments.

The CubeMonk Marketplace is a powerful platform that provides moving and freight companies access to advanced technology-based solutions designed to increase profitability while reducing risk, and helping deliver a worry-free shipment to their consumers.

Our easy-to-use platform gives our customers access to on-demand capacity and the labor they need to load and unload the SmartCubes.

Featuring an embedded IoT device (GURU™ device) that transmits real-time location, condition and security information, CubeMonk’s SmartCube is the only shipping and portable storage solution that brings modern day GPS tracking functionality and other advanced monitoring technologies to the moving and storage industry.

SmartCubes are 202 cubic feet hold up to 1,400 lbs. of household goods which enables a simple flat rate shipping calculation, meaning there are no costly surprises.