CUBE Consulting Group is an Artist & Designer Union, providing Art, Fashion and Design consulting service, as well as artist incubating program.

Based in New York, CUBE aims to promote new forms of artistic lifestyle. We provide career development programs for independent designers, artists and Art & Design students; organize international Art & Design exhibitions; as well as provide innovative solutions for omni-channel branding and lifestyle events. CUBE bridges among artists, designers, brands, corporations and organizations. We help them establish connections and expand into international market.

- Connecting With:
Artists, Designers, Professionals in Art & Fashion industry
Galleries, Museums, Art Foundations, Boutiques, Collectors, Buyers
Media Groups, PR Agency, Business Sectors, Social Platforms, Key Opinion Leaders
Art & Design Colleges, Educational Organizations, Cultural Associations

- What We Could Offer:
Art & Design Exhibition
Fashion Showroom
Pop Up Stores
Lifestyle Online Shop
Art & Design Project Incubation
Customizing Art & Design Products & Services
Visual Branding
Promotional Event
Video & Photography Production
Art & Design Education Consulting
Study Abroad Program

Know more about us on:www.cubeinc.us
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