As the possibility of a “3D printable gun” has been circulated around the world, people may believe that 3D printers are dangerous. In fact, there is a lot of good that will come from 3D printers, from revolutionizing how we customize our lives and our objects, to changing how we access critical replacement parts.

Lausanne, Switzerland, June 20th 2013 – Three 3D Printing enthusiasts with backgrounds in industrial engineering and software have launched Cuboyo.com, a unique online platform which allows designers to offer their 3D creations to consumers around the world. With 3D printers becoming more affordable, Cuboyo allows 3D printable file designers to have unprecedented access to consumers, at the same time that consumers receive unprecedented access to a variety of printable files.  The website effectively fills the gap between skilled designers and consumers.  Cuboyo.com is now the virtual library for any type of useful object consumers can 3D print and use immediately.

The process flow is simple: a skilled designer creates a file corresponding to a 3D product such as a cell phone case, chess set, or ice cube tray, which is then uploaded to Cuboyo.com. Consumers can then browse through the categories, select their preferred objects, and download the corresponding files for printing. Office supply chain Staples just starting retailing 3D printers at the beginning of June and Amazon.com has now been selling 3D printers online for over a week. As the demand for 3D printers increases, so will the demand for accessible and affordable 3D printable files.
Typically, websites offering 3D creations have been the province of technophiles; Cuboyo now offers a user-friendly platform for selecting objects to make with a 3D printer, effectively democratizing this revolutionary production method. The website is comparable to an “App Store for objects” that can be created with a 3D printer.

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Cuboyo LLC was created in Switzerland in 2013 by three 3D Printing enthusiasts. They felt that there was not an accessible marketplace for buyers and sellers to exchange 3D printable files to fully realize the revolutionary possibilities of 3D printing.

For a video introduction and information in “How it works”: www.cuboyo.com/how
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If you need further information or illustration, please contact us anytime at pr@cuboyo.com and we will respond to you shortly.

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