Cueris is a technology solutions company based near Boston, Massachusetts. Cueris is focused on creating solutions targeting specific business centered outcomes in several verticals including healthcare, financial services, digital marketing, retail, manufacturing and semiconductors using an expert team of data scientists, Internet of Things (IoT) engineers, and “Big” data architects.

Cueris uses its unique WeaveXT framework for contextualizing data across the corporate data food chain using an architecture driven approach. The framework prescribes a holistic, goal or solution driven data management approach from collection through to retrieval. The framework design is based on the following critical factors:

•     Business context drives data needs.
•     Architectural imperatives drive technology decisions.
•     New data added to the enterprise data foot print enhances legacy systems.
•     Iterative, continuous preparation and data analysis is used to evolve algorithms.
•     Constant enterprise learning through tactical, operational and strategic diligence.

One of the biggest challenges to getting value out of Big Data implementations is that of missing context. Without business context to identify and acquire data for rich analysis, businesses are unlikely to reach their goal of improving quality of analytics and predictions. The context defines the data, and not the other way round as has been the norm. With WeaveXT, businesses can delve as far, deep and wide as possible to enable proactive, diligent and concise data capture to proactively evolve context driven customer engagement.

WeaveXT prescribes a “data” centered approach across three phases, consume, capture and store, where each phase can run in parallel and independent of the other phases. It demystifies perceived “Big” data challenge(s) by setting upon the quickest and/or shortest path to analytics successes. The key premise is to focus on the contextual data as it continuously changes across the corporate data landscape.

WeaveXT is a solutions approach and does not dwell on the technical implementation and/or lifecycle methodology choices. Customers can choose the technology and/or methodology based on their standards and/or needs.

Context weaving is an ongoing and iterative process of business context enrichment with the right data quality. The data size, format, frequency and source become irrelevant as it seeks to achieve the following:

•     High quality predictions to get and stay ahead of the curve.
•     Expansion of enterprise foot print for proactive and/or pervasive customer engagement.
•     Intelligent, learning enterprise that supports continuous diligence.
•     Business imperatives driven architecture and technical decisions to maximize legacy ROI.

Building of rich business contexts with right data is a business necessity, not a luxury or a wish list anymore. WeaveXT from Cueris enables enterprises to reach their goal in the most efficient, effective and quickest manner.