For Immediate Release:
Contact: Millie Tarallo, 508-525-0270, millie@culturedbiker.com
October 16, 2014

New Motorcycle gear designed by bikers for bikers

San Francisco Bay Area – Cultured Biker, a new apparel company for motorcycle riders has launched with a line of t-shirts that are distinctive, high quality and functional. Founded by passionate motorcyclists, Danielle Barnes and Millie Tarallo, Cultured Biker aims to fill a need in the marketplace as well as serve a distinct mission – to donate one garment for every one sold to neglected and abused children.

“Inspiration for Cultured Biker came from the spirit and traditions of the motorcycling community. There is a remarkable feeling of belonging, a brotherhood or sisterhood that runs deep in our motorcycling community. We all come from different cultures and bond to form one community of bikers. To belong to this community, it really doesn’t matter where you come from or what you ride, it matters that you ride. Shared commitments like giving back and pride in our country, these are the threads that bind us. Cultured Biker is committed to manufacturing 100% in USA, giving back to children here in the USA, and honoring our individuality through unique graphic designs. With every shirt purchase, we will donate a shirt to an abused child” says Tarallo.

Selling directly to consumers, dealers and as private label shirts, Cultured Biker premium quality shirts are made from either American grown heavy weight cotton or a high quality bamboo blend.  Bamboo is a natural performance fiber that is anti-microbial, wicking and keeps you cooler. The shirts were designed with functional features like reinforced seams, to stand up to the rigors of the road, as well as being longer all around with an even longer tail to ensure you are covered as you lean forward to grab the handlebars.

Distinctive graphic designs for men and women answer the question “What kind of biker are you?” Are you an American Biker, a Veteran Biker or a Service Biker? The debut collection emphasizes pride in our American culture and includes:

•     The Signature Shirt – Features a Cultured Biker Logo and hidden map within wings on your shoulders
•     The American Biker–Honoring the strength and greatness of our America
•     The Veteran Biker– Honoring those that have served and are serving our country
•     The Service Biker – Appreciating those that serve and protect our local communities

Founded in 2014, the mission of Cultured Biker is to manufacture high quality clothing for the community of motorcycle riders expressing individuality, stands up to the rigors of the road, and provides a superior fit and feel. Made proudly in the USA, each piece of clothing will help to create or sustain a job, and for every garment sold, one will be donated to organizations working with neglected and abused children. Products can be seen and purchased at www.culturedbiker.com.

Danielle Barnes and Millie Tarallo met on a ride to raise money for breast cancer research. On their first road trip together to the Women’s International Motorcycle convention in Nevada, they experienced their “aha moment”. The clothes they were wearing did not express anything unique about the individuality of bikers. Their shirts were not functionally designed specifically for bikers. So with their passion for riding, love of the biking community, and shared commitment to socially responsible business practices, they launched Cultured Biker.