We're travelling more and more.

We work with more and more different people from all over the world.

We're more and more connected.

But even with all this travel and connectivity, one thing is still difficult to overcome: Cultural Differences.

All too often Culture is the one thing that determines success or failure when you’re doing business internationally, and yet cultural differences get brushed over much too fast.

Five star hotels look the same all over the world. But do they really?

Aside from the different types of food you can eat or the way people greet each other, there is a much deeper layer of cultural differences. One that you cannot explain with simple and superficial Do’s and Don’ts.

Fortunately Cultural Competence is a skill that can be learned and developed. Along with cultural awareness, understanding and sensitivity.

There is a model of culture to explain cultural differences in a simple, effective and applicable way.

Manage the cultural differences in your organization and you will save time and money.

If you’re interested to learn more, contact me by going to culturematters.com or write me directly at chris.smit@culturematters.com