Delivering Love by the Dozen
From the owners of the acclaimed Red Velvet Cupcakery in Washington, D.C. comes Cupcakes Express, providing you with a convenient way to order delicious cupcakes online and have them hand delivered right to the door of a loved one, coworker or anyone you care about.
At our Red Velvet bakery, we noticed that people were calling us from all over the country to have cupcakes delivered to their loved ones in the area. In response to this demand, we created an online store where customers can buy cupcakes from anywhere in the world to have them delivered to major metropolitan markets in the United States. And thus, Cupcakes Express was born!
We don’t send cupcakes from a central cupcake factory or warehouse -- ever. The key ingredient to our success is that our cupcakes have been tested to be top quality, gourmet and fresh. They are made by professional cupcakeries that specialize in the production of elegant, high quality cupcakes. Our secret is that we have enlisted partnerships with local bakeries in each major metro area to create and provide us with the best cupcakes for our customers. These fresh-baked cupcakes are carefully hand-delivered to the recipient at the time you specify.
Cupcakes are a fun and delicious alternative to ordering and sending flowers. While the cost of sending a nice bouquet of flowers can exceed $75 plus shipping, all of our arrangements are priced at $36 plus the cost of delivery. More importantly than cost, feel the emotional satisfaction in being able to delight and connect with loved ones who live far away from you. We make ordering cupcakes fast and easy. The most popular reasons for sending cupcakes include:
* Birthday parties
* Anniversaries
* Baby showers
* Celebrations of all kinds
* Recognition of a job well done
* Treats for the office
* Holiday treats
* To say “I love you”
* Thank you very much
* Reduce college stress
We have developed special arrangements, much like sending flower bouquets, to suit every taste and occasion: Happy Birthday Box, Celebration Box, Chocolate Lovers Box and many more. Order a dozen now and send out the love.