The Co-Founders John Wilson and Bob Schenk of cureUV.com have been developing and supplying UV lighting products for over 15 years. The practical experience gained from offering some of the most technologically advanced UV products to a diverse variety of markets provides them with a very experienced understanding of what works.

Their parent company SPDI has had the privilege of working with some of the most notable companyies in the world. From companyies such as HP, Proctor& Gamble, Lock Heed Martin to the backbone of industries being smaller companies that just needed the assistance of an experienced source of knowledge to assist them in becoming a part of the highly profitable and green friendly advantages of transitioning into the field UV technology.

The promise of providing useful knowledge so our customers can make informed decisions has been extended through our cureUV.com website. This mainstay of our success has always been to help our customers make informed decisions. Your success means our success. Every customer is important to us.