Curio Media's primary focus is to distribute quality films, television shows, art, and web series derived from female genre filmmakers, primarily horror, sci-fi, and dark fantasy.  These “elevated” genre products are created by women and targeted to the hard-core “geek” consumer.

Traditionally, genre pieces are poorly represented in mainstream media while private and public funding sources are typically geared towards more traditional “high art” creations as genre is mistakenly considered a “juvenile, adolescent male” demographic.

While women are grossly underrepresented in traditional film and other entertainment industries, they are even more so in genre entertainment. Yet genre-specific films, television and art are commercially lucrative, and the female audience is extensive and passionate. Curio Media’s challenge is not simply to be a media company with ‘pop culture films’ – but to become a valuable source for entertaining and thought-provoking content with a targeted focus on female genre filmmakers, artists and their fans.