In 1992, Curtis Group's innovative philosophy for dental branding was, “No floss. No apples. No dancing teeth.” Dental logos that Curtis Group designed in 1995 are still being used by dental practices today.

In 1993, Curtis Group was invited to become a charter member of the North Central Chapter of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

In 1994, Curtis Group organized regional cosmetic dentists into “buying groups” to break into marketing high-level cosmetic dentistry in upscale city magazines. Results were so good that dentists began to buy full-page ad campaigns on their own. Now, dental marketing in upscale city magazines is ubiquitous to the media.

In 1995, Curtis Group was the first dental marketing agency to build dental websites for dental practices. Though that first website has long since gone offline, Curtis Group publishes hundreds of new websites each year.

In 1998, Curtis Group began entering its designs in Graphic Design USA’s annual masters event. Since then, Curtis Group has earned more national design awards than all of the other dental marketing agencies combined.

In 2000, Curtis Group created the materials for Oral Design, the brainchild of Swiss master ceramist, Willi Geller, and his first "Oral Design USA" conference in New York, NY.

In 2002, Curtis Group was selected to create the the marketing and design materials for the first Dental Town meeting in Las Vegas, NV. The organization has since grown to over 20,000 dental members.

In 2004, Curtis Group created Curtis Print, an online printing service that allows a dental practice to order its own materials out of a private online catalog, while enjoying the 50% to 60% savings that buying as an economic group provides. To date, Curtis Group clients have saved well over $500,000 on their office materials. Curtis Group is the ONLY agency to offer this service.

In 2006, Curtis Group again created the materials for Oral Design's international conference. Curtis Group won another national design award for its designs.

In 2008, Curtis Group became the ONLY dental agency building websites around Google’s revolutionary research showing how people ACTUALLY read a website. The research used "eye-mapping" to record page travel, interest points and interest levels.

In 2009, Curtis Group became the ONLY agency to offer a money-back guarantee on the success of its search engine optimization program. In fact, Curtis Group is the only company that will share actual clients’ performance reports from THAT week.  

Today, Curtis Group is:

• creating and managing Facebook campaigns that reach millions of people

• creating innovative charity programs that compel dental patients to refer new patients

• creating branded value in dental practices to help doctors get the most value from practice transitioning

• creating wealth for its clients.