The Center for Customer Engagement was founded by Bill Lee. Bill’s passion is helping clients achieve sustained growth in today’s customer-empowered world by engaging marquee customers—those customers who will pull your firm into its future and attract large numbers of new and retained customers in the process. Bill has pioneered the concept that customer relationships constitute the most important—yet often “hidden”—off-balance-sheet asset in companies large and small, public and private.

In addition to his client and educational work, Bill has spoken to a wide variety of business audiences, such as the International Advertising Association (IAA), the Business Marketing Association, the American Marketing Association, Forrester Research, the Net Promoter Annual Conference, the Veritas Presidents’ Forum, the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG), the Social Media Club and many others. He is author of the book in the field, The Hidden Wealth of Customers, published by Harvard Business Review Press and described by Forbes Online columnist Dorie Clark as “one of the most insightful business books I’ve read this year.” Bill has been published, quoted or interviewed by Harvard Business Review (HBR), The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company Online, Forbes Online, RainToday, CMOCouncil.org, CRM Magazine and dozens of other major publications.