"Our vision is to take the stress away from owners' of small businesses when it comes to marketing and increasing sales. We do this by offering unbeatable pricing and dedication to our clients. We treat your business as if it were our own."

We specialize in:
--Affordable Web Design​
--Search Engine Optimization​
--Small Business Consulting​
--Social Media Marketing                          
--Strategic Planning​
--Sales Promotions​
--Leading Public Relations​ Companies
--Event Planning​
--Web Marketing​
--Corporate Alliances​
--B2B Sales​
and much more!

How can you help my business gain competitive advantage?

We first analyze your market by looking at your competitors within your geographic region.  It is important to understand where you stand when compared to the competition and why customers may be finding them over you.  Next we analyze your marketing mix which includes all advertising and promotional efforts. We then make our recommendations for how you can improve and maximize your businesses presence and target NEW customers as well as utilize your existing customer database as a way to build your credibility.  To be competitive in today's market there are a few essentials you need with no question:
--Branded Website
--Directional Advertising (Yellow Pages-online, mobile and/or print)
--Google Place Page
--Industry Blog
--Public Relations (3rd party referrals, reviews, etc.)
With that being said, each of the above need to be strategically executed and that is why we are here to help.

What Can You Do For My Business?

We are here to make sure you are maximizing your exposure to your potential clients by using the appropriate advertising, marketing and promotional channels.  Many times we see small business owners fall into the same traps. For example, a business may have a fancy professional website built but they do not optimize it for the web with keywords, proper descriptions, meta tags, or even submit it to search engines. There are millions of web sites and the chances of NEW potential customers finding you amongst them is virtually impossible unless you properly market yourself in the online world.


​Lindsay is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor's of Science in Business Marketing with an emphasis in Consumer Behavior.  She has found her calling helping owners of small - to - medium sized businesses maximize their income potential. She has been consulting for the past 10 years and has helped numerous businesses in every industry imaginable achieve their sales goals.​
With her passion for helping people achieve their dreams of being successful entrepreneurs, Lindsay has found that most small business owners --  the mechanics, plumbers, massage therapists, hair stylists, realtors, etc.  -- are the core talent of their endeavors, thus leaving them with little or no time to properly market themselves. Customer Getters Media Consulting fills this void and offers affordable services that provide results, meaning more money in the business owners' pockets.