We designed and own a Patent Pending process in which we can take any form of signature, written word, or symbol and create breath taking rings, pendants, and bracelets from it!  No other company can “legally” claim this.

You can send us a signature, written word, or symbol in virtually any language

Pieces can be cast in beautiful 10K, 14K, and 18K Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rose Gold.  We can also do Sterling Silver if you so choose.

Pieces can be adorned with any choice of gemstones.  Please note that the letters or symbol must be able to be made wide/thick enough to hold the stones.  Not all pieces have this ability while also preserving the look of the original writing.  A good option for those types of pieces would be a single stone.

Additionally, at CMJ, we strive to allow for another unique option whenever aesthetically possible.  We avoid the use of unsightly “jump rings” to attach your unique signature or script design.  Instead, we custom create your "original piece" to be made with “invisible” loops discreetly built into the jewelry's backside.  There are two distinct advantages by doing this.  One, you can change out the chain with any other chain size you want.  You can’t do that with “jump rings” because they are permanently attached to either side of the piece.  And, second, the invisible loop doesn’t take away from the look of the piece, thus enhancing its beauty.