Located in downtown Toronto, Solitaire Jewellery has a strong presence and reputation based on client relationships, design, and quality.

Solitaire Jewellery imports internationally certified diamonds from Belgium for the retail and the wholesale markets.

We are a family business. Since 1983, we continue to deliver on our values: Quality, Value, Personalized Service, and Unique Customer Experience.

Our specializations are: Creating Custom Jewellery, Diamond Expertise, and Diamond Engagement Rings. Our clients are: Retail, Corporate, and Film.

Please call us to reserve a personal appointment.

Custom work is our specialty, and we are proud to offer expert design and production services to our clients.

We are not just offering a product, but an experience.

You may have an idea, a photograph or seen a design that you like, or you simply want to start from scratch. We can design your specific piece together. Bring in a sketch and we'll make it a reality. By using the latest in technology we can create the most intricate details at the highest quality.

We offer a unique perspective: seeing the piece before it even exists. This is important for our clients because it ensures the piece is vetted before it is transformed into a tangible item.

Solitaire Jewellery diamonds are certified by the world's most reputable gemologists:

GIA (Gemological Institute of America),

HRD (Diamond High Council),

EGL (European Gemological Laboratory),

AGS (American Gem Society)

We build our jewellery in our shop and have all of our final pieces locally evaluated and certified for your insurance requirements.

Solitaire is a certified diamond grader.

We are confident that we have the qualifications you are after because we specialize in loose diamonds and exceptional service.