Date: February 22, 2013
Contact: Ronald Raj Reddy, 416-616-030, myclearjoyworld@gmail.com

ClearJOY will custom-build the android smartphone of your dreams.
If you've always been waiting for a customized Android smartphone you're in for good news.

Toronto, Canada – Do you want to take control of your smartphone hardware with something personalized to your unique tastes? Are you tired of the same-old one-size fits all, take-it-or-leave it smartphone hardware bundles that are available today? If you've always been waiting for a company to start offering custom Android smartphones, you're in for some great news. ClearJOY is about to start manufacturing the first custom-made Android smartphones in few months with your help. Toronto based ClearJOY is developing a customizable smartphone platform built for the 21 st century. It’s a standalone smartphone and tablet combination especially powered and optimized to power the latest apps.

“ClearJOY offers you complete control to personalize your smartphone hardware accessory by accessory” says ClearJOY’s Chief Idea Guy, Ronald Raj Reddy. Create your own smartphone and choose the hardware you want. You are able to choose your chip-set base from a quad-care or state-of-art eight core base, pick your display HD, standard or transparent and choose your upgrades. ClearJOY is crowdfunding on Indiegogo’s platform. Details can be found at ClearJOY’s  Indiegogo site http://bit.ly/WaFR6j  or the company’s website www.getclearjoy.com . System-on-a-chip mobile chipset design still limits the customizations possible but ClearJOY plans to work closely with mobile chipset manufactures to allow even more flexibility in design and more choice for its customers. Delivery is estimated at November 2013.

The quad-core base bundle for this device will be, complete with a $349.99 retail price unlocked. $299 for early backers. That, again, means no contractual obligations – you’ll be working with quad-band GSM and penta-band 21Mbps HSPA+ connectivity – 1700MHz AWS inside the USA – so you’ll be choosing from brands like AT&T and T-Mobile and European carriers such as Orange, O2, Vodaphone or any GSM compatible carrier worldwide for your mobile SIM card down the line. Additionally, the device will run Android Jelli-bean. Visit them at http://bit.ly/WaFR6j  or www.getclearjoy.com