Cutting Technologies (CTI) provides metal and concrete cutting, and selective demolition to those who require highly professional, specialized service and advanced engineering solutions. Services include diamond wire sawing, slab sawing, wall sawing, curb cutting, diamond core drilling, Brokk robotic hammering, and
floor and surface preparation.

Experience on the most demanding projects has enabled CTI to develop best-practices programs that guarantee we provide you with the best trained, best equipped and safest team for your job.

Our clients enjoy greater ease, profitability and piece of mind by partnering with CTI. By offering exceptional value, CTI has an ever-growing wealth of long-standing relationships that includes more than 25,396 repeat customer engagements.

Our experts are ready to assist you today with your selective demolition challenges. Contact CTI for help with estimating, pre-bid consulting, job planning or if you have any questions or comments.

Diamond Wire Sawing - Why do countless nuclear contractors, construction firms and industrial facility managers rely on Cutting Technologies (CTI) and our diamond wire sawing? Because CTI is...

Fast - to keep pace with your outage and construction timeline,
Flexible - to access restrictive jobsites without disrupting regular operations,
Precise - to ensure surgical accuracy for your retrofitting, reengineering and reconstruction projects.

Selective Demolition for Industrial and Heavy Civil Construction
CTI's diamond wire cutting is ideal for cutting metal and heavily-reinforced concrete in a range of industrial and heavy civil applications. When paired with our FASTrack Process™, it ensures your tight schedule and critical path objectives are met. Typical applications include:

- Underwater cutting for bridge, dock, dam, wharf and pier modifications;
- Refinery turnarounds and power plant retrofitting;
- Line modifications at industrial plants and process facilities such as steel mills / steelworks, paper and pulp plants, cement plants and mineral processing facilities;
- Maintenance and capital projects at water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants / wastewater treatment plants (WWTP);
- Nuclear decommissioning, SGR projects and maintenance outages.

Precise Concrete and Metal Cutting:
CTI's wire sawing is a non-explosive, non-destructive form of controlled demolition that leaves remaining structures safely intact. Together with CTI Advanced Engineering Solutions™, this precision cutting method is ideal for conquering the demanding jobs that are beyond the ability of other concrete sawing firms.

Plus, our wire sawing team can cut sections of concrete and metal to virtually any size and volume, they're capable of cutting complex and irregular shapes, and they always leave a smooth finished surface with no over-cutting at the corners.