ChannelVission Inc. is a global business development company composed of experts specializing in channel sales and marketing services. We specialize in offering outsourced channel sales & marketing expertise for the information technology industry.  Our highly trained, results-oriented professionals serve clients in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.  Not only do we provide assistance with strategy and marketing programs, but provide hands-on expertise in channel sales.

We leverage our global network of channel partners, and add value to our clients through:
1.  Cost reduction.  ChannelVission’s services are available at a fraction of most companies SG&A.  This equates to lower start-up costs and is less expensive than hiring additional internal resources.  Our infrastructure allows us to be flexible to match our clients’ business objectives with their financial requirements.
2.  Speed to market.  ChannelVission’s relationships with a number of the world’s top distribution and reseller organizations allows us to quickly bring products to market across the globe.  Our team has expertise in working with a broad range of technologies.
3.  Risk reduction.  ChannelVission’s services are available today.  Our clients find a relationship with ChannelVission is faster and easier than hiring.  Our structure can also be designed as a variable-cost model where we scale-up and scale-back based upon your requirements.
Our field tested process employs the following approach:
     Overall Market Viability Study
     Competitive Analysis
     Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats Analysis (SWOT)
     Internal Factors Analysis Study (IFAS)
     External Factors Analysis Study (EFAS)
     Identify Winning Partnering And Alliance Strategies
     Execute Agreement With New Partners
     Position Against Competition
     Deploy Resources For Maximum Return
     Marketing Support
     On-Going Relationship Management

The processes are designed to assist technology companies’ go-to-market with lower cost, higher visibility and self-sustained channels for on-going business.  We offer vertical concentration in chipsets, networking, telecommunications, hardware and software.  Aman Sehgal is the CEO/President (Founder) of ChannelVission inc.  Please visit www.channelvission.com for more information.