Kenya is a very competitive market, and it makes a big difference where you get your CV and Cover Letter written, and by whom. Depending on his/her level of competence and experience, your CV writer can set you up for success or failure in your quest for career advancement. So, here's something you should know about us.

We are not just CV writers, we are experienced HR practitioners. We sit in interview panels and delivered decisions on who to hire, and who not to. We understand what employers look for in a candidate, and we help you present just that.

From experience, we know that such level of precision cannot be achieved by use of online templates, or by copying your friend's CV. That's why we write each CV from scratch, as this is the only way we can re-engineer and optimize the document for success.

We deliver CVs that hit the nail on the head within the employer's first 10 seconds of reading the document. We illustrate to him the value that the candidate seeks to bring to the organization.

Through intelligent application of industry-specific key words, we optimize each CV for online database search, too. This gives you "unfair" advantage over the competition, as your CV will shoot up first when employers search online for the right candidate within your profession.

So, whenever you think of job application documents, think of CVs By John as your perfect solutions provider. With modern communications, the distance between your duty station and our offices becomes immaterial. We will be there to offer world-class support in form of CV and Resume Writing, editing, as well as in layout and design, to ensure the success of your quest for a more fulfilling job.

Save our hotline number: 0720 079413, just in case a job opportunity springs up sooner than you had planned.