Contact Center Testing, Discovery and Monitoring

Cyara is founded on  breakthrough technology for Contact Center simulation and testing, heralding in a  a new era   in helping customers deploy complex contact center technology with minimal risk, in a faster time to market at a reduced cost. Cyara's patented technology helps automate and test Contact Center technology using real calls without impacting customers or agents.
Complete Automated Testing Platform
Only Cyara provides a fully automated simulation & testing platform including the following:

•     Complete IVR Testing Suite (Including DTMF and Speech Recognition)
•     The World's Only Voice Biometric Testing System
•     Inbound Routing Testing
•     Outbound Dialer Testing
•     Voice Call Back System Testing
•     Contact Center Agent Automation Testing
•     Blended Inbound & Outbound Call Center Testing
•     Screen-Pop Timing Testing
•     ISDN Line Tapping

The Cyara testing platform provides modules for the entire life-cycle of a contact center from benchmarking, simulation, functional, application, load, business-as-usual and disaster recovery testing to ongoing contact center monitoring.

Simulate and Test Real-world Traffic and Scenarios

Cyara enables the generation of real-world traffic coming into a contact center, giving the ability to place each call from a unique customer with a unique call flow for simulation and testing. Specify real-world call distribution splays to different queues such as billing, new accounts or support. Dynamically blend various background noises to emulate actual customer calling environments including ambient noise, such as calls places from cafes, night clubs, and sporting events, testing desired customer experiences with self-service IVR and speech systems.

Cyara enables complete customization and automation of agent activity across the entire contact center independent of agent skills,  geographic location and infrastructure. Create different agent behavior profiles and run what-if analysis to understand how contact centers behave and perform in real-time with minimal delta from live operations.

Minimal Risk

Each call placed by Cyara is intelligent. Right from start Cyara records the call and identifies issues with the caller experience. Did the call connect in time? Did the actual prompt match the expected prompt? Were there any telco connectivity issues? What about voice quality issues or unintended silence or dropped calls. Perhaps there was a slight blip at the end of each prompt signifying a VoIP problem? Listen to and benchmark customers’ IVR and Contact Center experiences with Cyara.  Built-in call recording and exception-based, drill-down reporting identifies problems. Recordings can be shared with vendors and partners, aiding in fast resolution of issues found.

Be the first to know of any contact center issues and gain the ability to optimize your contact center operations with Cyara Solutions.

Complete Delivery and Pricing Flexibility

Only Cyara offers complete flexibility for testing and simulation requirements. Use hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering without any capital investment or buy Cyara licenses and deploy Cyara on industry hardware. Enjoy total using and paying for modules on an as-needed basis. Every module in Cyara can be bought separately. Why pay ongoing maintenance for a system that sits on the shelf?

Advanced Integration With The Leading Contact Center Vendors

Cyara+ adapters have native integrations with Contact Center industry leaders such as Alcatel-Lucent’s Genesys and HP. Cyara's HP Quality Center and Quick Test Professional adapters leverage corporate standard for Test Case Management and Desktop Automation and Testing. Cyara's best-in-class native integration to Genesys provides complete agent automation across a multitude of PBXs. Cyara also integrates with Auraya, enabling enterprises to deploy Voice Biometrics with confidence.

Proven Carrier-Grade Performance and Reliability

The Cyara platform is carrier grade and the industry benchmark for customer experience and Contact Center performance simulation, testing and monitoring. In one project alone, they Cyara platform was used to place over 15 million calls over a 6-month period. Cyara is used by the industry's most demanding Contact Centers including Telstra, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, Gen-i and Ministry of Social Development. Fortune 500 companies rely on Cyara to help redefine customer experience through a better Contact Center experience.