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Workshop - CISS (Certified Information Security Specialist)
CyberCure Solutions - The main activities of this venture is providing training, in Ethical Hacking and IT Security. Our Technical Experts have successfully covered more than 80 engineering colleges with 27 technical fest or 6000 students all over India in different Cities including IIT Kharagpur, IIT Delhi, and IIT Guwahati, NIT Calicut, NIT Warangal, Anna University, NIT Jalandhar, NIT Kurukshetra, SRM Chennai and many more.
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Summer Training/Winter Training
With the rapid changes in the IT and allied Industries, Skill Enhancement is the order of the day and we at CyberCure understand it well. Students do not need just training, they need special sets of skill sets to enhance their career growth.
At CyberCure we have customized programs to enhance employability skills. Such program goes concurrently with the university Program or it can be conducted during summer or winter vacation.
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Corporate Training
CyberCure is the top provider of On-Site, In-house, Corporate, Government and Military Security Training. Our Technical experts have successfully trained more than 70 professional from 40 corporate houses. We have also delivered the lectures in Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN), ASSOCHAM etc. We can work with your organisation to identify what training your staff need and then create tailored training to meet your requirements. In-house training offers a familiar environment in which to develop your staff and ensure that they have the knowledge and skills they need to meet the requirements of their job. With the ever increasing speed of technology evolution, is it essential that both your organisations, and its employees, are working efficiently and with a clear understanding digital issues.
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