Cyber Data-Risk Managers LLC is an Independent Insurance Agency specializing in Data Privacy, Cyber Liability risk, D&O insurance and (IP) Intellectual Property protection. We work with businesses and organizations throughout the United States.

The team at Cyber Data-Risk Managers LLC is dedicated to helping your business or organization find the right insurance policy at an affordable price.   Due to our independent nature, we can help you compare multiple insurance proposals and determine which insurance carrier and insurance policy may work best for your business or organization.

We help many different types of businesses and health care organizations create a Data Breach response plan and help protect their Cyber Risks and (IP) Intellectual Property.

Whether you are a Hospital concerned about HIPAA, a Cloud provider concerned about liability, an App Developer worried about a software patent lawsuit or an Ecommerce website concerned about PCI-DSS, we have an insurance market for your risk.

We work with many well known top A-rated Insurance Carriers that specialize and offer insurance coverage for Data Privacy and Cyber Risks as well as (IP) Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights).

We welcome you to contact us for assistance or if you have a question. We also welcome IT & Data/Security Professionals to contact us to discuss potential opportunities.