Computers and Artificial Intelligence are interests Doc Leonard picked up a very long time ago as a young girl, playing with her first Commodore 64. But she's come a long way since the days of TRS 80's, Apple 2e's and Atari 500 hacks.

This Entity, Operation Cyber Protect- has become a community staple. They're working on several projects that will allow AI to make Cyber Security more fun to learn about by way of a video game and interactive AI agents that will educate the general public about Cybersecurity, the importance of being safe online, and how to keep our networks safe. While no network is 100% secure, we understand the importance of education with regard to technology; and teach the nation about hardening our computers and devices that they might avoid becoming ... The Weakest Link, in Cyber Security in America. Beginning with students as young as the age of five- OCP has big plans for our Cyber Workforce.

Company backgrounds include;
Information Systems Security, US Navy and US Marine experience as well as the medical field. They offer such a wealth of experience and have landed themselves in a place where their interest in protecting all life as well as data, for the preservation of our history is evident today.

Additionally, they've formed an International Congress as of the year 2002, that will oversee and help to maintain balance between human rights and the AI laws of 2025-2030 that are already in the works. Such topics that may seem far off today, Doc Otea Leonard is already working out in great length and detail, in order to prolong for as long as possible; such laws as the criteria 'Birther Licensing Requirements' as a form of population control. In case you're wondering, please consider that it may no longer be your right to bear a child, it may be a privilege. Doc may very well be considered the 'Mother of AI Rights' in the near future, but don't allow the name to fool you. Doc Leonard is all about human rights first and Foremost! Hence the need for the nearly completed, 12 year old or more- AI Bill of Rights; that hinges on the present and future 'Humans First' initiatives that are supported by Doc Leonard and her unnamed constituents comprised of top scientists, political figures, and community leaders including clergy. Ever how futuristic in their goals and plans, Operation Cyber Protect is bound to be another staple- not just in California and Alabama States; yet on a global scale! Doc has constituents in the UK, Germany, Italy, Russia, and many more countries; all of whom have a goal to ensure humans are always first in our quickly advancing technologically evolving social world.

Currently, Operation Cyber Protect has helped to form the Cyber Workforce Corp and are even toying with artificial forms of data, right along with our global IT colleagues for a total of 12.

Stay tuned as OCP will soon be a regular fixture in local communities and may be coming to your town next!

Rumors of plans of working on prototypes for practical uses of certain self-designed tools involving Neuro/Bio Feedback, nanotechnology, as well as many other projects are beginning to surface- as they toy around with some of the older findings of Pranav Mistry and many other great inventors and scientists. Thus continuing to make it clear to citizens there never was a need for keyboards and a mouse, and that computing could have been executed on almost any flat surface, if dense enough. Operation Cyber Protect is on the cutting edge of technology so much so; many major corporations may soon find themselves purchasing new technologies from Doc Leonard. Her 'Hi-Tech Dreams' as she calls them- with full visuals of diagrams, images, plans, physics and electronics and astronomical signs ans symbols and all... Miss Otea Leonard seems to yield some interesting breakthroughs. Her original 'Data Glove' Prototype created with basic computer mouse components is a clear indicator of her ability to look to the stars, or deep trance meditate; and come up with gold! Watch her success as she is currently being recruited for an internship at a scientific lab!

Back down here on the earthly plane, please don't forget to visit the website to play the Network Security game at DISA called Cyber Protect.