The Cyberspace Ashram founded in 1997 until 2012 was the global first in publishing complete and free content about the holy science of  Kriya Yoga online. Visitors from more than 225 countries enjoy to learn about God and Love. In our current troubled times even more than in better economic times.

As of May 17th, 2012, all online content has been converted into one compressed file for convenient offline reading and for free sharing of the entire content of the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" md5sum e849799de5c7528c418fdaac6ba125f8 as file Spiritual_Treasures.tar.bz2.

As an effort to help God and Love seeking people from all races, all gender, all religions, the Cyberspace Ashram offers many thousands of pages free offline tutorials and teachings of love contained in the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" . When our global peace is in danger as currently, then it is advised to review our own goals and methods to achieve our goals. In the Blog Secrets of Love - Solutions of Love solutions and spiritual advice are published for current situations and problems on our planet to help you better manage your life in a most loving way. All about spiritual aspects of life and Kriya Yoga in life.

The Cyberspace Ashram includes all basic topics and teachings about God and Love to improve your own understanding and relationship with God. The holy science of Kriya Yoga helps you to apply true love in all situations of life to make your life happier. Kriya Yoga is the science of divine love toward God-realization. All Kriya Yoga teachings of the holy science can be found here and now in the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love Facebok page. More details are found on the new Spiritual Treasures project page on Facebook with regular updates and adivice by Spiritual Treasures's Notes on Faebook with regular updates on available download servers for full content of both files totallng some 38GB. Current Spiritual Treasures download server is split into 2 actual fast servers, one in Europe, another one in USA for better global download coverage. Even better is the free file sharing started by Spiritual Treasures Torrent download -. People legally share with people. All Spiritual Treasures and Spiritual Treasures Bonus files is made for global free sharing for the mutual benefit. love and happiness of all mankind. Stay tuned with newest Spiritual Treasures download information to keep enjoying free Spiritual Treasures for life with all your loved ones and all world.

Learning is done in steps. To help you practice and improve love in daily life, a large collection of spiritual lessons for life offers direct lessons and examples for your step by step progress toward God and Love in your life.

Sharing is one essential step in the practice of true love in real life. Sharing this information and links above may be your best contribution to promote teachings of love and solutions of love among all mankind on earth for a better future of our all children and future generations to come to this our planet given by God to all mankind to learn to love all.

Love all
forgive all
reconcile with all
Pray to God only
and return home to God on a path of love