Download the new application for road cycling and mountain bike.

Challenge your friends and try to win the yellow jersey of the Tour de France.

Cyclope 2 has new features: 3D map, bike tracking, voice chat, messaging, weather forecast, route profile, inclinometer, altimeter, height difference, speedometer, distance, stopwatch, clock, time difference between cyclists, compass, detector fall, horn, automatic pause, performance recording, classification of routes by difficulty.

· Real-time position on the map of other cyclists near you. Convenient when you want to cycle in a group.

· If you click a rider on map, Cylope give you the speed, distance, slope and time gap with the other cyclist.

· Real-time 3D map of the bike route to visualize the relief.
Road markings according to the level of difficulty.
In green, the roads between 0 ° and 4 °.
In blue, the roads between 4 ° and 9 °.
In red, roads with more than 9 ° slope.

· Messaging and voice chat integrated into the application to communicate by bike with fellow travelers.

· Weather with temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction. Weather forecast by pressing the temperature dial.

· Quick alert button to let other riders know you have a mechanical problem with your bike.

· Fall detector. Cyclops informs your friends that you have had a bicycle accident.

· Cycling competition: each week, take part, you and your friends, in the challenge to win one of the 3 distinctive jerseys of the Tour de France (the yellow, green, and white jersey with red weight). The green jersey will reward the best rider while the red jersey the best climber. Whoever accumulates the most points will win the yellow jersey that he can wear for a whole week.

Collect points to overtake your friends:
- Green jersey   3 points,
- White jersey with red weight   3 points.
- Yellow jersey   6 points.
- Every 50 km    1 points.

· Tracker function (in the friends panel by pressing the green TRACKING button).

· Automatic pause. The stopwatch stops when you stop cycling.

· Classic functions: speedometer, distance traveled and total, average speed, maximum speed, stopwatch, clock (by pressing the stopwatch).

· Advanced functions: Altimeter (accuracy to the nearest meter), positive and negative elevation, maximum altitude, slope, average slope of the course, compass.

· Customizable horn (from classic bell to locomotive or car horn).

· Customizable 3D avatar (choose from cycling champions, Cyclops).

· 3D animation of the Cyclops representing your activity (stopping the bike, running, climbing, descending, mechanical problem, falling while cycling). Each runner is selectable to access their performances.

· Recording and presentation of your routes with summaries of your performances. The "3D" button is used to relive your ride with a 3D movie.

· Possibility to share your ride on social network.

· Battery optimization. Remember to deactivate your wifi and other applications in the background.

Had a good trip with Cyclope.