CYDEX Corporation has a thirty-four year background in engineering desktop, enterprise, and Cloud-based solutions.

We’ve delivered unique applications for industries as diverse as publishing, finance, real estate, health care, manufacturing, communications, transportation, and aerospace.

Our proficiencies range from automation of business processes to development of command and control systems for military and aerospace use. Our extensive experience in process control, systems analysis, and real-time programming — using advanced analytical and design methodologies, proven development tools and industry-standard best practices, and the Microsoft families of development environments, system services, and server-based resources — has allowed us to produce effective and efficient information technology systems that have transformed our client’s key business and technical operations.

Applying our extensive experience with Microsoft's development languages, database tools, and broad product offerings, we’ve created applications that deliver reliable, scalable, line-of-business and mission-critical solutions. Utilizing Microsoft's family of "knowledge worker" products (such as Microsoft 'Office' and related offerings), we’ve quickly developed and deployed comprehensive business-critical solutions that have provided long-term value and rapid ROI for our clientele.

We design and manufacture data acquisition and control hardware for use in high-tech instrumentation and plant automation applications — as well for the nascent home automation market.